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Program Overview

On-demand transit is a ride-sharing service that operates ‘curb-to-curb.’  This means the van will stop at the curb next to the address where the request originated. You must be waiting at the curb when the van arrives. The app you have registered on will provide expected arrival times so you can be prepared. Unlike a taxi, the van will not wait for an individual to come out of their home or business, nor will the vehicle pull up on driveways.

On-demand transit is similar to Uber or other ride-hailing companies. You will book your trip (up to three weeks in advance) either through a mobile app, online using the website or by calling 587-534-0510. You will be asked to provide a pick-up address, the time you would like to be picked-up and where you are traveling. If you are completing a roundtrip, you can provide this information when booking to save time.

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